Whether you’re a personal trainer or you’re just very observant when you’re at the gym, you’ll notice there are different breeds of personal trainers.

It’s like being Steve Irwin out in the wild. Noticing the different breeds may not be obvious to others, but with a keen eye, it’s easy to see.

After working in gyms and working with Fit Pros for the last 10 years, I’ve found that there are 9 types of personal trainers. Look hard enough and you’ll see them too.

The Bro Trainer.

You know the guy who is in his early 20’s. He has a gallon jug of water mixed with pre-workout, he’s wearing wrist wraps, a sleeveless tank with his nipples hanging out, he has tattoos out the wazoo and he has wireless headphones around his neck. You’ll see this trainer “bro-ing out” with the other young guys in the free weight section, doing a few reps and chatting it up. You’ll also find him giving free and valuable workout advice to the cute girl on the hip extension machine (you know the one working on her butt). If you want to look good naked, he’s your guy.

The Strongman Trainer.

You know the guy who wears the 2XL shirt but fills it out fully because that’s just how massive he is. He’ll have a beard, chalk on hands, a 2-gallon jug bigger than most of the dumbbells and commands your respect when he enters the gym. You’ll find him at the squat rack where you’ll need to reserve an appointment to work in. He’s all about business, and if you interrupt him you better have a good reason. He’s your guy to get strong AF or die trying.

The Core Trainer.

This one could be a male or female trainer, but you’ll know them when you see them by the countless amount of BOSUs, Terracore, and TRX they’re using. They’ll be the ones showing off their balance skills and reminding everyone how important functional fitness is. They may get ridiculed by their peers, but they’ll still try to show you up with the ridiculous exercises they can do. If you want to build an unbreakable core, these are your peeps.

The Intellectual Trainer.

This trainer has dozens of certifications, degrees, and a laundry list of academic accomplishments. You’ll see them teaching random people the techniques and benefits of doing each exercise from a biomechanical perspective. They love to sweat, but they love to mentally sweat even more. If you want to learn how to train yourself, this will be your go-to trainer.

The Story Trainer.

You know the trainer who lost one hundred pounds, works out 2x a day, and makes sure everyone and their mama knows about it. They don’t share this to brag. In fact, it’s actually the opposite. They know that if they could overcome their excuses and make the transformation happen, then you damn well can too. If you need someone who can connect with you emotionally as you go through your own transformation, then this is your go-to trainer.

The Body Builder.

These are easy to spot. They’re wearing the tightest fitting clothing you can imagine. They may look like just another in-shape trainer, but you’ll catch them dropping the subtle pose in-between sets to practice for their next show. They count every calorie and will tell you in detail why what you eat is terrible. Their workout is just as important, if not more important than yours, so keep that in mind before starting a random conversation with them. If you want to compete one day then this will be your go-to trainer.

The CrossFit Trainer.

You’ll know a CrossFit trainer when you see them — they’re just like vegans. They’ll make sure you know they do CrossFit (and eat Paleo), and they’ll be doing kipping pull-ups in the squat rack, pissing off the Strongman trainer and everyone else. But don’t get it twisted! If you challenge them in a workout they will kick your ass because it’s a game to them. They are the most competitive trainer you will ever meet. If you want to perform on a high level in all areas of your life, this is your go-to trainer.

The Fit Mom trainer.

You’ll know this trainer – she’s older but her body will tell you otherwise. You’ll see her wrangling her kids all while miraculously staying in great shape. You’ll find yourself having a hard time with excuses because she’ll share how she takes care of 4 kids, a husband, multiple clients, and your excuses and still finds the time to stay in great shape. If you want to learn how to get in shape despite what life throws at you, this is your go-to trainer.

The Hot Girl Trainer.

This is the easiest one to spot. She’ll look like a Nike model, always dolled up whether she’s training a client at 6 AM or she’s in the middle of one of her booty-building workouts. Who says you can’t workout and advertise at the same time? Let’s be honest — if you’re an attractive female trainer, people will always be lined up to work with you. If you want to get the body that will bring all the boys to the yard, then this is your go-to trainer.

Regardless of the type of trainer you are, or the type of trainer you work with, know that I have love for you all. Each of these trainer breeds chose a life of serving others to help them reach the best version of themselves. Because of that, I consider them family.

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