Tablet with Social Media IconsOne of the biggest challenges I’ve seen in the fitness business is how to scale your time. We get stuck trading dollars for hours and the next thing we know, the day is gone and we haven’t spent any time growing our business.

It’s actually one of the main core values we have at Smart Shark, and it guides everything we do in our company. If it isn’t scalable, we simply don’t do it. The time for money trap has ensnared too many of us and our fellow fitness professionals.

So I want to share some tips and free tools with you that you can use to win back valuable time – time you can spend growing your business and enjoying life with your family.

  1. Hootsuite and Loomly are social media posting services that give you the ability to automate all of your online social media posts. They also provide you with valuable analytics so you can see what’s working and most importantly, what’s not working. You can get started on either platform for free so you can feel it out, then purchase one of their paid versions when you’re ready to scale up. Both Hootsuite and Loomly will save you hours of time as you grow your social media presence, which you’ll want to do since studies show that customers who engage with brands on social media are more loyal and spend up to 40% more than other customers.
  2. MailChimp and Aweber are email autoresponders that run all of your email campaigns, even while you’re sleeping. You can use email campaigns to provide additional value for your customers and drive sales – all with the click of a button. You can create an account for free and scale up through their paid versions as your business grows.
  3. Content repurposing is a major timesaver. Content repurposing involves creating one big piece of content that adds value and builds a relationship with your audience, then using portions of that content to create videos, blog posts, ebooks, and more that you can share over a long period of time. It takes time to create it your initial piece of content, but once you’re done, you’re done! You can repeat this process a few times a year to stay ahead in your marketing, which will save you the time you need to continue to run and grow your business.

You can always get money back, but you’ll never get your time back. Set your business up to scale so you can continue to do more of the things you love while you grow your business!

Speaking of scale — if you’re an online or aspiring online Fit Pro, learn how to add at least 5-10 new clients every month without guesswork or wasting time.

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