Jennifer Carrasco offers a rather unique story in the entrepreneurial world.

A business owner at 24, she has spent the vast majority of her adulthood getting uncomfortable, setting big goals, and persisting without exception. From being a single mom, owning skin clinics, getting her IFBB pro athlete card, and owning an electric company, Jennifer has built quite the business acumen.

Unlike her fellow famous fitness models and beauty gurus, her content is not stocked with click-bait, cleavage, beauty counter products. What you will find is a business entrepreneur backed by elite business friendships, and a desire to help people improve their lives.

Jennifer is an Arete Syndicate member, an Apex Executive coach, an EOS implementer, one of the original 1st Phorm Legionnaires, and a woman who brings a no b******t mentality into everything she does.

She dropped a TON of gold nuggets on how to achieve at a high level, so please enjoy this wide ranging episode!

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