Gambling DiceIf you’ve ever done marketing, especially online, it can feel a lot like gambling. You put a few hundred bucks in and wait to see the results. Sometimes you win and sometimes you lose.

Doesn’t sound like a very smart or fun way to grow your business right?

What if I told you there was a way to go from feeling like you’re blindly gambling your marketing budget to feeling more like you’re taking a strategic risk? Unfortunately, there isn’t a risk-free way to win in the world of business, but there are ways you can position yourself to win by being smart about the risks you take.

Here are 5 ways to minimize your risk and maximize your results when marketing online:

  1. Start small and scale up. You can start as low as $25 – $30 dollars a day on Facebook, and you can monitor your results after a 48 to 72-hour window. The data you get back after 48 to 72 hours will be worth the money you spent, even if you didn’t get the results you wanted. You now know what doesn’t work and you can make changes early versus later so you don’t blow your budget.
  2. Get your new clients to pay for your marketing. Let your new customers pay for your marketing by taking a percentage of each sale and dedicating it towards your marketing. If you could get 5 personal training clients to fund your marketing each month to drive in another 5-10 clients, wouldn’t you do it?
  3. Split test your ads. The biggest mistake I’ve seen is when a business creates one ad and judges the value of marketing online on that ad alone. Make a couple variations of your ad by changing the images and/or the sales copy so you can measure which version performs the best. Then select the best performing ad and move forward.
  4. Your business goes where your focus goes. One sure way to blow through your marketing budget is to not be focused on the result you want to achieve. Part of your marketing should be directed toward people who have never met you. Additional marketing should be directed towards those who know you but may need more information before they show interest. Finally, you should also have marketing that is oriented towards people who are interested but just haven’t taken action yet.
  5. Retarget and follow up. Have you ever had a product you were interested in follow you around the internet? One of the secrets that online marketers know is “pixeling” website visitors. Pixeling someone when they visit a website allows a business to market to them in the future, no matter where they go. It gives you a way to continue to build a relationship with that person so your business can be top-of-mind when they’re ready to take the next step.

So with that being said, if you’re reading this you’ll be hearing from me again. 😉

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