Have you ever written a post on Facebook that you thought would kill it but ended with crickets?


Well I have…and it can be one of the worst feelings.

You finally take the time to put together a heartfelt post, even when it may have been the last thing you wanted to do.

You also take time to find the perfect image to use with it.

You write it, click post, and wait anxiously…

One hour goes by… zero likes…

Two hours go by… 1 like… but it’s your mom…


So now you question whether this online thing is for you and if you should go back to what you were doing before…which got you nowhere to begin with. 

Well I’m going to give you THE PLAY today. It was developed after years and thousands of posts. It’s a formula that just works.

Here’s the formulae for writing a compelling post in 3 simple steps:

  1. Always begin with a bold statement or a question. If you can’t catch your audience’s attention while they’re scrolling then nothing else matters. Your bold statement or question has to be written with a specific person in mind that you want to connect with. Ask yourself: what would your ideal client respond to?
  2. Tell a story that builds off of the statement or helps answer the question you asked. People love stories and they come to social media to be entertained, not lectured. Your story could be personal, it could be about someone you know, or it could be a story everyone already has heard but you put your spin on it. The story you tell is the bridge between your statement and the point you want to make — which comes next. 
  3. Wrap it up with the point you want to get across. This is where your post’s ending has to make a point while simultaneously wrapping around to connect back to the opening statement or question you asked. It’s the same formula superhero movies use. In the beginning the hero embarks on their quest (opening statement), they go through a challenge (the story), and they overcome that challenge become better than they were before (message).

You don’t have to only tell stories about bleeding heart experiences you’ve had. It can be about any message you want to share with your audience, as long as it reflects your brand and who you want to attract, or in some cases, repel.

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