Have you ever had a hot lead before?

I mean someone who fit the profile of your ideal customer, gave you their contact information, and even set up a time to come to your gym.

You got prepared to give them an experience they’ll never forget and you were even willing to stay later just to meet with them. But then they canceled, or worse, they no-showed.

Woman opening doorI’ve experienced this thousands of times and I bet you have to. So how do you get your hot leads to show up ready to make a decision?

Here are some interesting statistics from a company called Velocity. Velocity conducted a survey across 400 companies and 3.5 million leads to discover the impact of lead contact on conversion. Here’s what they found:

  • Leads that were contacted within 1 minute of being generated led to almost 400% improvement in conversion.
  • Leads that were contacted within 2 minutes led to a 160% improvement in conversion.
  • Leads that were contacted within an hour led to a 36% improvement in conversion.
  • Leads contacted within 24 hours led to only a 17% improvement in conversion, which continued to decline as the time between lead generation and lead contact increased.

The study also found that 97% of leads that convert are reached during the first 6 contact attempts. Only 7% of the leads that were converted were reached beyond the first 6 contact attempts.

This information may be contrary to what you previously assumed was true about contacting leads, but let’s face it, the numbers don’t lie. You can see the study here if you’d like more information.

So how do you get your leads to show up?

There are two things that are critical for getting your leads to show:

  1. Speed of contact
  2. Constant follow-up

Your leads aren’t no-showing because they’re not interested, they’re bombarded daily with thousands of other offers and competing priorities. The sooner you can get them through your doors from the time they raised their hand and asked for your help, the better your chances are.

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