Phone with incoming emailLet me ask you a couple questions:

  1. How often do you check your email?
  2. What emails do you find yourself actually reading?

Have you ever asked yourself what it is about the emails you read that make you want to read them?

On average only about 15% of emails are read.

Now I know that contradicts the title of this blog, so you must be wondering how I drove $36,000 in new personal training business through one email campaign.

The thing to remember is that people spend time on what they want to spend time on. People don’t skip over emails because they’re too busy. They skip over them because they aren’t important enough for them to want to read.

I bet if you had a cure that reversed aging in an email people would read it. So how do you get people to read your emails and generate sales for your business from those emails?

Here are the four steps that I took:

  1. I created subject lines that get people’s attention. If you can’t grab someone’s attention with your subject line then what’s in your email doesn’t matter. Email subject lines that are question-based and include the person’s first name are proven to get better open rates. Make your subject line personal and you’ll get a better response.
  2. I led with value. Every email I sent was focused on giving first. Sometimes it was a healthy recipe, sometimes it was a workout, and other times it was just to ask how they were doing. If you help enough people get what they want, you’ll eventually get what you want.
  3. I offered them a customized fitness plan that would help them reach their goals — no tricks and no strings attached. If the plan made sense to them and they enjoyed the workout I took them through, then we would find the best option to help them moving forward.
  4. I retargeted the prospects who said no with a special at the end of each month. A one time, low barrier offer to get them started so they could experience our services before they committed long-term. I did not discount rates. I extended a low-commitment offer so the prospect, who was likely on the fence, would feel more comfortable getting started — which always led to more long-term sales.

I repeated this process for a 90-day period, and it led to $36,000 in new recurring revenue. The best part is that you can automate this entire process! At the time, I was copying and pasting each email, and it took me hours on end!

If you’re an online or aspiring online Fit Pro, learn how to add at least 5-10 new clients every month without guesswork or wasting time.

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