Woman in a personal trainer shirtHave you ever had to manage personal trainers?

Well I have, and I blame them for why I lost all my hair (kidding of course). But seriously, getting a team of trainers on the same page so you can create consistency in your business can seem like herding cats.

I’ve managed hundreds of trainers over my career and I’ve seen it all:

  • The trainer who sells a lot of new clients but can’t retain them to save their life.
  • The trainer who’s great at keeping clients but hates anything to do with sales.
  • The trainer who’s great with their clients but is completely unorganized with their client files and process.

The point is, whether you run a small team or a large team you need to have everyone on the same page so you can provide a consistent experience for your customers. In turn, a consistent experience for your customers will result in more consistent revenue for your business.

To create this consistency, I highly recommend a process I’ve used and seen success with for a number of years; I call it “The Coaching Cycle”. This cycle has yielded great results for the companies I have been a part of, and it’s made my life a lot easier.

At its root, the Coaching Cycle helps you keep your programs customized and your coaching structured.

Cycle diagram

  1. Week One includes reassessments, monthly goal setting, nutrition and supplement recommendations. This positions your clients to get results, which leads to the resign conversation. It can also add additional revenue through supplement sales!
  2. Week Two includes cardio program adjustments and additions, such as taking classes or bootcamps to improve results. Prescribing extra activities gives you the opportunity to upsell your services.
  3. Week Three includes resistance training adjustments. Program progression will lead to resigns. Progressing a client’s program also gives you the opportunity to increase training frequency, leading to training package upgrades.
  4. Week Four consists of committing to a program schedule. During week four, clients will commit to a training schedule for the upcoming month. This is an opportunity to close any lingering resigns that haven’t happened yet.

Whether you run a small, medium, or large fitness business, this coaching cycle will give you the ability to grow and scale while maintaining customized programming.

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