One-Month Custom Fitness Guide for Online Coaches

The simplest and most effective way to attract more quality clients for your training program – all with the push of a button!

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Keep it simple!

Getting more quality clients doesn’t have to be complicated or time-consuming.

✅ Want to only have to focus on servicing and selling new clients?

✅ Want to have clients apply to work with you vs. having to convince them?

✅ Want to have the right clients lined up, hoping you have an opening to train them?

That’s exactly what online personal trainers just like you experience when they execute the One-Month Custom Fitness Guide lead magnet.

With this lead magnet you’ll have a proven offer that is generating millions of dollars in revenue in the fitness industry.

The best part is…

We won’t just show you how to execute it, we’ll even show you how to put everything on autopilot so you can live the life you’ve always wanted to live.

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Will it work for you?

The One-Month Custom Fitness Guide lead magnet solves all of these problems…

“Do I have the right offer to get more clients?”

This magnet is designed on real world results – not on the experience of “gurus”. It’s based on several cornerstone surveys showing that more than two-thirds of potential fitness consumers are more likely to join a fitness program if they receive a trial along with a custom fitness plan. So why not give the people what they already want?

“Will this be too complicated for me to actually get results?”

Our execution training series will show you how to market the One-Month Custom Fitness Guide on your social media channels with a few clicks of a button. If you want to automate it so it works while you sleep, we can show you that too.

“Will I have the time to even use this?”

In the training series, we’ll walk you through how to set it up and how to implement it into your daily routine so it’s as easy as brushing your teeth.

“How will this actually get me more clients?”

When you have the right offer that gives your prospects exactly what they want upfront, all that’s left to do is give them an invitation to continue working with you if it’s a good fit. Don’t you think it would be easier to convert someone into a client that has already been given a sample of what it’s like to work with you.

Yes, I want the One-Month Custom Fitness Guide lead magnet!