With 15 years in the industry, Jason Williams has learned a thing or 5 about running a successful fitness business. At the core is the ability to listen to what people need and a desire to simply help people get better.  

He is the owner of Custom Fit Colorado (founded in 2017), which is a Personal Training + Nutrition company based in Denver,  2 studio locations. In addition, Jason also offer remote coaching to people all around the world.   

He also is the head trainer for the app “30 Day Fitness” in which he collaborated with a tech company based in Milan, Italy called Bending Spoons and handles all of the exercise programming and design. The app debuted on the App + Android Store in 2018 and has over 200 million downloads to date. 

To learn more about Jason, please visit https://www.customfitcolorado.com/ and follow him on the IG https://www.instagram.com/jasonwilliamspt/