Anthony Anderson, owner of NO-BETTER Fitness, has already added $1400/mo in recurring revenue to his fitness and nutrition business by expanding into the online space with no cap on future growth.

Listen to Anthony talk about how we partnered with him to take his personal training business online, allowing him to trade in a lifestyle of constant grind and hustle to one with more time for family and creating fun memories.


Anthony increased his income by $1400/mo in just 2 weeks. Read more to learn how.

Within the first week after launching his online program, Anthony…

✔ Gained an income-generating asset that will continuously produce revenue for him every month.

✔ Added $1400 recurring monthly revenue to his business.

✔ Gained 3 new prospective clients for his online group coaching program.

What could you do with $1400 or more in additional income per month?


Anthony had three major challenges that were keeping him from reaching his potential:

❌ Earning potential for offline training was capped – his schedule only allowed him to train a set amount of offline clients per day.

❌ Had potential clients who wanted to train with him, but didn’t live in his area.

❌ No time left in the day to prospect for new clients.


To solve Anthony’s challenges, we created an online coaching platform that includes:

✅ A membership site that delivers his coaching program to his online clients.

✅ Valuable offers that attract potential new clients and add them to an automated nurturing sequence that ensures they’re a good fit for Anthony’s online coaching program, builds their interest and moves them through his sales process until they’re ready to buy.


The Membership Site

We custom-built Anthony’s membership site to meet his needs:

Self-service purchasing and automated monthly drafting

Anthony never has to ask for payment or run a client’s credit card. Clients simply sign up and they are provided with immediate access to his member portal. They can manage their own account, including updating their payment information, resetting their password, and even upgrading their membership level.

Extremely simple to manage

To update and manage his site, the only thing Anthony needs to know how to do is post a blog. He can post blogs, images, videos and more for his members in a matter of minutes, all with just a few clicks. Sky’s the limit!

Personalization and Gamification

Members can edit their profile, upload a profile photo, and each time they complete something inside the member portal they earn points towards monthly group challenges and competitions.

Valuable Offers & Nurturing Sequences for Potential Clients

Anthony was too busy running his business to spend time prospecting. He needed a way to attract potential clients and move them through his sales process without having to invest a lot of time.

Action-based website

Anthony’s website is designed to immediately engage visitors and guide them into one of his funnels, collecting lead information and driving sales.

Value offers and nurture sequence

Once a visitor opts into one of Anthony’s value offers, they begin receiving valuable content that speaks directly to what they’re looking for. Once someone becomes a client, they receive weekly challenges, recipes, and bonus workouts that incentivize them to generate referrals via social media.

Fitness strategy call

1% or less will actually purchase a program directly off of a website without speaking to someone first. Anthony’s funnel guides his prospects to schedule a fitness strategy call, where he gets to know them one-on-one and helps them select a membership based on what’s best for them.


This is right for you if…

✅ You have always dreamed of changing the world through fitness.

✅ You’re tired of trading time for dollars.

✅ You want to build an impactful, life-long business that allows you to make as much or as little as you want.

✅ You have already been asked to train someone online but didn’t have the means to do it.

✅ You understand that having an online business doesn’t mean less effort, it just means a better return on time and money.

✅ You have a desire to gain schedule and location independence.


This is not right for you if…

❌ You want a “Six Figures in Six Weeks” or other get rich quick program.

❌ You only care about making money and aren’t concerned with who you make it from or the impact you make.

❌ You want a passive-income business that makes money while you sit back and kick your feet up.

❌ This is only for serious trainers who want to grow a successful online lifestyle business.