If you work in the fitness world, you have been directly or indirectly influenced by our guest on this episode, Neal Spruce.  

His love of fitness began in the bodybuilding world, and Neal discovered a passion to help others. In the mid 80’s he recognized the training world lacked a certification process to help coaches not only hone their craft, but give confidence to the consumer as well. Neal became involved with the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), eventually purchased them, and helped them grow into the force they’re known as today, and still serves on their advisory board. He is currently the CEO of dotFit, which is a holistic fitness platform currently utilized by over 40,000 sport and fitness professionals.  

Tune in to hear a wealth of knowledge and wisdom from one of the true titans of the fitness industry.  

You can find more info about Neal’s dotFit program by visiting the following: 

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