Being a personal trainer has a lot of perks and one of those perks is that it’s among the top 10 most attractive jobs.

There’s a reason for that: you get to look great, wear stretchy clothes, and get paid to help others do the same.

Pretty sweet gig if you ask most people!

What you don’t see is all the perks that those who have the privilege of dating a personal trainer get. And if you already do, then you’ll recognize them from this list.

Here are the 7 reasons you should date a personal trainer before settling down:

  1. We’re in great shape. Let’s be honest, looks aren’t everything but they’re definitely a perk worth noting. Dating someone who takes care of themselves is worth its weight in gold and it may even inspire you to start doing the same.
  2. We are very in tune with the human body (our own and others included). Body awareness is something you can develop, but personal trainers have it in spades. They are able to read other people’s bodies like braille which can have a lot of perks in and of itself…if you catch my drift ;).
  3. We’re great communicators. Great relationships require good communication — without it you’re going to have a tough go at it. Trainers are used to having to break down complex ideas into simple ones so that anyone can learn how to get in shape. Communication is a skill that can be difficult to find in a romantic partner. Fortunately, being in a relationship with a personal trainer will often lead to being with someone who is a great communicator.
  4. We’re hilarious and we know it. Nothing makes a trainer laugh more than themselves. We have had to learn to be moldable with all the different types of clients we work with. Part of being a trainer is finding new and creative ways to make our clients laugh so you can bet your bottom dollar we’ll keep you entertained!
  5. We’re great listeners. Part of working with clients involves learning how to not just hear what they’re saying, but also what they’re not saying. A personal trainer is going to know when something is bothering you and we’ll find a way to draw it out so you can move past it. This will either make you love us or hate us.
  6. We’re very ambitious and goal-oriented. Nothing aggravates a trainer more than telling them what they can’t do — it’s why we’ve been able to mold our body by our own sheer will. This is true in every aspect of our lives and if you hang around long enough it will rub off on you in all areas of your life. If you want to win in life, date a trainer.
  7. We’re constantly working on our own personal development. Part of being a trainer is being biologically wired to be the best version of ourselves. The only way to do this is by constantly analyzing how we can become better in all areas of our life. You may meet us at our 1.0 or 2.0 version, but if you stick around long enough you’ll reap the rewards of us at our 10.0 version — which you won’t want to miss.

Whether or not you end up marrying and settling down with a personal trainer is up to you (and them since they have no shortage of prospects). Regardless of the outcome, the experience you’ll have and the person you’ll become by dating a personal trainer will be a once in a lifetime opportunity. 

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