Making a Purchase

Have you ever taken time to think about what people actually want when they buy into fitness?

If you ask most fitness professionals, they’ll say things like:

  • “They buy for the workouts”
  • “They buy for the meal plans”
  • “They buy for the accountability”
  • “They buy for the results”

All of those things are true, but if that’s really the case then why don’t more people get involved in fitness then? On average, only about 10% of the population in any area has a membership to a gym.

So why don’t the other 90% get involved?

I’m going to share the 5 things that prospects actually want but won’t tell you upfront.

  1. They aren’t buying workouts or meal plans, they’re buying the “removal of guesswork”. People are distracted more than ever these days and the last thing they need is to think about how to do something they probably don’t enjoy doing. Your ability to make their life easier when it comes to exercise is what increases your value to them.
  2. Most people hate accountability, which is why they’re not satisfied with where they are in their fitness journey. We also crave certainty when it comes to reaching our goals. Reassessments and goal setting aren’t tools for accountability, they’re tools for making sure the program is working! Wouldn’t you want to know if the work you’re putting in is paying off or not? Add value by providing more certainty around helping your clients achieve their goals.
  3. Exercise is not fun for most people, but what if you could make it into a fun experience for them? Here’s a crazy thought: if your prospect actually enjoys the workout, and the time they get to spend with you during their workout, do you think they would be more likely to do business with you? Simple gestures like high fiving someone after a set and walking them to the water fountain made me a top producer throughout my personal training career.
  4. Most people who work out aren’t joined by their friends or family. Their friends and family are busy hanging out with the other 90% of the population – you know, the ones without gym memberships. One of our strongest desires as humans is the desire for community. What if you offered a community that provides support and camaraderie throughout their fitness journey? Next time you’re pitching a prospect on why they should join your gym, tell them that they will become part of a community of people just like them who can support them throughout their fitness journey. Community alone is how fitness empires like Orange Theory and CrossFit have been so successful.
  5. Results is a given. Most of your customers won’t stick around long if they aren’t seeing results – that’s obvious. What isn’t obvious is that people want to be reassured that they are going to have a team in their corner for the long haul. Leverage your entire team to provide an environment of support from the front desk to the back of the facility. Would you rather have one coach or an entire team working tirelessly to get you to your goal? Teams reign supreme over individuals! Assurance of a long-term relationship in a team environment will get more people to sign up with you and it will ensure they stay longer.

People buy based on emotion and they justify their purchase based on logic. Sell to the emotion but articulate to their sense of logic.

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