Have you ever heard the saying, “The gold is in the follow-up”?

Think about it…

The average number of people who immediately make a purchase when presented with an offer is between 10% to 40%. 

So what about the 60% to 90% of those who don’t purchase right away?

That’s where the follow-up comes into play, and if you’re not following up you’re leaving opportunity on the table.

Here are the 3 things you need to bullet-proof your follow up game:

  1. You need a system. If you don’t have a system to organize your leads you’ll have a tough time managing all those conversations. The best way to organize your leads is through investing in a CRM (client relationship management) software – it will make this super simple. You can also use MailChimp, an email marketing software, to add notes to your email subscribers so you can keep track of your conversations.
  2. You need a process. Your follow-up should be broken up into 3 categories: daily, weekly, and monthly follow-up. Prospects who are ready to buy should be contacted daily, prospects who will buy in the next 3 months should be contacted weekly, and prospects who will buy “someday” should be contacted monthly. Consistency is what will keep you top of mind, and being top of mind is where the “gold” is.
  3. Follow up with VALUE. It’s not enough to follow up with “buy my stuff”. In fact, that’s the fastest way to turn someone off. When you lead with providing value, it makes the decision to do business with you a “no-brainer”. Sending blogs, vlogs, or tips for your prospects to use to get the results they want will not only help them — it will demonstrate why they should work with you.

When you follow these 3 steps, your follow-up game becomes unfair.

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