Being a Fit Pro can feel like a thankless job at times. You spend countless hours with clients coaching and motivating them to reach the best version of themselves. You spend a few more hours behind the scenes creating their programs and supporting them outside of their sessions with you.

And every once in awhile, you get a thank you from a few clients who realize all the work they’ve been putting in is finally paying off.

I know for me, I used to live for those compliments from clients. It wasn’t until years of coaching clients that I realized the reward wasn’t their praise, it was the lessons I learned from being their coach that were the most valuable to me.

Receiving praise is temporary, and it just becomes part of the job when you get good at what you do.

But the lessons you learn and the person those lessons mold you into is worth its weight in gold.

I’ve narrowed down the 3 most important life lessons you’ll learn as you progress throughout your career as Fit Pro.

The first lesson you’ll learn is:

Keeping it simple works best. 

Teaching someone who isn’t accustomed to the fitness lifestyle can be challenging. From how to do the exercises, the principal behind those exercises, what muscles to focus on and even how to breathe – one thing rings true in all aspects of life: when things are too complicated we panic and don’t take action. Our clients often do this too when shown an exercise they don’t understand. 

When you can break things down into simple steps, taking action becomes easier;  whether it’s building a business, forming relationships or creating a healthy habit. Keeping life simple always leads to having a better life.

The second lesson you’ll learn is:

Your perception is your reality. 

After working with thousands of clients, I’ve learned that a client’s assumptions are often self-fulfilling. 

…I’ve had clients who thought I was too tough on them, when in my opinion I was using kid gloves with them. 

…I’ve had clients who thought that all I did all day was just work people out, when I was actually doing way more than that (if you’re a Fit Pro then you know what I’m talking about). 

…I’ve had clients think I only show up for them because they paid me, when money actually had little to do with it (since unbeknownst to them I was being paid pennies on the dollar by the gym).

…I’ve even had clients who thought they only got results because of me, when all I did was show them the path. They were the ones who got themselves the result. 

We all live our lives through the lens we choose to view it through. Training clients with unique perspectives is what has allowed me to broaden my own perspective so I can see the world through other people’s points of view. 

The third lesson you’ll learn is…

We either run from pain or run towards pleasure. 

When you’ve worked with enough clients you’ll learn that they’re motivated by one of two things: 

Either getting rid of the pain that being out of shape has caused them, or the pleasure they’ll experience by getting in great shape. 

It’s something you have to learn so you know how to motivate your clients to do the work, but it’s something that rings true for all of us in our lives. 

We either do things we need to do because we’re sick and tired of being sick and tired, or we do things because we know it will make us feel good. 

It’s something that has helped me understand how to better motivate myself to do things that will improve my own life. 

There are far more lessons than these, but these are the 3 life lessons that being a Fit Pro has taught me.

The lessons we learn today are the blessings we receive later.

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