We help elite coaches get what they’re worth.

We specialize in the thing that matters most – Helping you reach your Freedom Number

Your Freedom Number is the number of clients that will allow you to…

✔ Quit your day job and spend your days doing what you love.

✔ Stop trading time for dollars and win your freedom back.

✔ Stop working in your business and start working on your business.

✔ Create an abundant life for you and your loved ones.

✔ Have an unlimited impact on people throughout the world.


Get prospects to chase you instead of you chasing them through Attraction Marketing.

Lead Generation

Generate unlimited, qualified leads through the use of industry-proven offers.


Stop getting ghosted by prospects and start converting them into clients within 90 days.


Learn industry-proven sales processes that get you paid what you’re worth.

Our Core Values

We believe that how you do one thing is how you do everything. That’s why we operate with core values. Each decision we make and action we take is informed by what we believe.


We do what we say we’re going to do when we say we’re going to do it.


We make no excuses; we own everything we do.


We break down complex ideas into simple, actionable solutions.


We trust that the execution of sound processes leads to winning results.

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Featured Articles & Videos

Show Up To Blow Up

Show Up To Blow Up

https://youtu.be/AnMQVKmpTqQ The subtleties between good and great coaches can often go unnoticed, but can pay tremendous dividends for those who are aware.    One of the most effective long term strategies of attracting the right clients to your business is...

Consistency Breeds Results

Consistency Breeds Results

https://youtu.be/1bUmWWvl5Z0 The Fit Pro Bros recently launched a 75-Day business building challenge for fitness professionals, and the results have been phenomenal.    What it has brought to the forefront…something we KNOW, but often need reminding…is that...

The Power of Staying the Course

The Power of Staying the Course

https://youtu.be/Snmv1tjnPQA The statistics on new businesses succeeded are dismal, and I would venture to say they may be even worse for the fitness industry. While there is not a lack of need in this world, far too often there IS a lack of commitment to follow thru...